Nicasio School Foundation

Nicasio School Foundation, a non-profit organization 501(c)(3), was established in 1997 by a group of parents committed to restoring and maintaining quality learning experiences that were disappearing from public schools as result of California’s Proposition 13. Driven by the belief that their children deserved a well-rounded, complete education, Nicasio parents started the Foundation to bridge the gap between what the state views as acceptable learning experiences for children and those which the Nicasio School community believes are essential.

Over the years, Nicasio School Foundation has raised money through various fundraising activities to underwrite programs such as Art, Music, Drama, Spanish, Poetry, and Physical Education in addition to providing students with scholarships for fieldtrips, hot lunches, and after-school programs.

Please visit for more information about the Foundation itself and to make your CONTRIBUTION to the students of Nicasio School today!

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