Nicasio School District Parcel Tax

Effective Date July 1, 2015 for a Period of Ten (10) Years


  • Maintain small class sizes structured in appropriate multi-grade classroom configurations;
  • Provide competitive salaries for teachers and staff;
  • Offer instructional programs that support diverse learners in achieving educational goals; and
  • Fund school operations essential to ensuring these accomplishments

Full Text of Measure A


Senior Citizen. A resident property owner age 65 and older in the Nicasio School District may apply for a special tax exemption on a parcel owned by said resident who occupies said parcel as the person's primary residence. Any senior claiming an exemption must apply directly to the District on or before July 1, 2015 or before May 1 of any succeeding tax year. Any one approved application from a qualified applicant will provide an exemption for the parecel for the remining term of the parcel tax assessment so long as such appplicant continues to qualify for the expemption.

Othewise Exempt Property. All property that would otherwise be exempt from property taxes shall also be exempt from the education parcel tax.

Senior Exemption Application Instructions and Form

Important Dates


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