Our Students

Many of Nicasio School's students have grown up together since kindergarten, which creates a strong sense of family and community on campus. As a small TK-8 campus, all students interact with each other on a daily basis. During a typical day at recess, it is customary to see a middle school student helping a kindergartener open his lunchbox or another older student giving a younger student a starter push on the swing. Likewise, the younger students tag behind the older children, enticing them to play and joining them in a friendly game of soccer on the field.

Nicasio School serves a range of students in grades TK-8 with approximately 20% of the student body representing the local Hispanic community. The majority of these students enter Nicasio School at a young age as English Languge Learners (ELL) with their primary language being Spanish. By the time our ELL students reach upper elementary school or early middle school, the majority are reclassifed as Fluent English Proficient. Approximately 10-15% of Nicasio School's students receive special education support and services.

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