Enrichment Programs

All enrichment programs serve all students in grades K-8. These programs are funded through the generosity and contributions of those who support Nicasio School Foundation.


All students benefit from Art classes one day per week under the guidance on an experienced instructor. Age-appropriate and standards-based lessons are given while creating a safe, positive learning environment for all students. Lessons include drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, and the classic elements of art instruction. The instructor works collaboratively with the core classroom teachers to integrate themes studied in the classrooms. Students are encouraged to use their logic, reasoning and imagination. Students are provided with high quality art materials, giving them the opportunity to create what they envision in their minds. A primary goal is for students to embrace art as a life-long creative habit and respite.

Performing Arts

Performing Arts class is offered one day per week. Students study a range of skills in the areas of movement, dance, rhythm, song, and stage acting. This program includes a Winter Performance in which all students (TK-8) showcase their talents for the community in December.

There are two distinct Spanish programs: elementary (TK-5) and middle school (6-8).

In the elementary program, students explore both the Spanish language (conversational) and culture through a variety of hands-on and interactive approaches that build their vocabulary, knowledge and confidence. To keep lessons interesting and varied for our young learners, the instructor plans lessons using a variety of resources.

The middle school program builds on students' prior knowledge. This three-year program, which uses Glencoe Spanish for middle schoolers, is more structured and focuses on both oral and written skills. In addition to preparing students for real-life interactions with Spanish-speakers, this course is designed to prepare students to join a 2nd year Spanish course when they graduate and go on to high school.

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