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Aug 17: Completed Back-to-School Forms Due to Office

Aug 20: Fall Campus Cleanup - All Families Needed! 9:30a-Noon

Aug 23: FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!  Kindergarten hours 8:40a-Noon / Grades 1-8 8:40a-2p (Wacky Wednesday Dismissal)

Aug 23: Back-to-School Coffee & Tea (Parents & Grandparents) 8:15a-9:15a (After student drop-off)

Sept 4: Labor Day Holiday - SCHOOL CLOSED

Sept 14: Back-to-School Night (Parents only)


Show "Cougar Spirit" on Wednesdays! (Dress in Red or Cougar Wear)

Core Curriculum 3/4/5 Classroom


The 3/4/5 classroom is made up of three grade levels throughout most of the day. However, for language arts and math, the 5th graders move up to the middle school where two-grade-level groups are formed: 5th/6th combination and 7th/8th combination. In other subjects, such as history, science and P.E., student s work in three-grade-level configurations. Instruction and assessments are differentiated based on grade level and individual student needs.

Language Arts
Reading Wonders (2014) McGraw-Hill, Grades K-6
Writing Pathways by Lucy Calkins (2014) Heinemann, Grades K-8

My Math (2014) McGraw-Hill, Grades K-5

History-Social Science
Scott Foresman Social Studies, California, Grades K-5

FOSS Science (Grades K-5) is hands-on, providing Nicasio's elementary students with authentic, engaging learning experiences.

Grades 3/4/5 Combined (three-year rotation): (Rotation 1) Structures of Life; Sun, Moon & Stars; Matter & Energy; (Rotation 2) Environments; Solid Earth; Magmetism & Electriciy; (Rotation 3) Living Systems; Water Planet; Mixtures & Solutions

Physical Education/Health
Students in grades 3/4/5 participate in physical education and health/nutrition classes together. Students meet with a P.E. specialist, funded through Nicasio School Foundation, twice a week in addition to having PE with a core teacher at least once per week. Most activities and sports take place outside, but Nicasio School's multi-purpose room provides an excellent indoor space when needed. Each spring, students in 5th grade join 6th graders for a one-week puberty education program.

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