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Aug 17: Completed Back-to-School Forms Due to Office

Aug 20: Fall Campus Cleanup - All Families Needed! 9:30a-Noon

Aug 23: FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!  Kindergarten hours 8:40a-Noon / Grades 1-8 8:40a-2p (Wacky Wednesday Dismissal)

Aug 23: Back-to-School Coffee & Tea (Parents & Grandparents) 8:15a-9:15a (After student drop-off)

Sept 4: Labor Day Holiday - SCHOOL CLOSED

Sept 14: Back-to-School Night (Parents only)


Show "Cougar Spirit" on Wednesdays! (Dress in Red or Cougar Wear)

Core Curriculum K/1/2 Classroom

The K/1/2 classroom is supported by an instructional assistant until the kindergarteners are dismissed. In reading and math, students work in small grade-level groups. In other subjects such as history, science and P.E., student grade levels are often combined with differentiated instruction and assessment taking place to ensure the success of each student.

Language Arts
Reading Wonders (2014) McGraw-Hill, Grades K-6
Writing Pathways by Lucy Calkins (2014) Heineman, Grades K-8

My Math (2014) McGraw-Hill, Grades K-5

History-Social Science
Scott Foresman Social Studies, California, Grades K-5

FOSS Science (Grades K-5) is hands-on, providing Nicasio's elementary students with authentic, engaging learning experiences.

Kindergarten ThemesWood & Paper, Trees, Fabric, Animals Two by Two

Grades 1 and 2 Themes, Combined (two-year rotation): (Rotation 1) Plants & Animals; Air & Weather; Solids & Liquids; (Rotation 2) Insects & Plants; Pebbles, Sand & Silt; Balance & Motion

Physical Education
Kindergarteners meet their physical education needs through daily activity during their morning and afternoon recesses combined with organized small group activities. Students in grades 1 and 2 participate in combined physical education and health/nutrition classes together. Students meet with a P.E. specialist, funded through Nicasio School Foundation, twice a week in addition to having PE with a core teacher twice a week. Most activities and sports take place outside, but Nicasio School's multi-purpose room provides an excellent indoor space when needed.

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